Model EX-55
Holographic Foil Stamper/Printer Machine

Everything you need to start
in-house imprinting in

We have put together this package, which includes the Model 55
foil stamper/printer machine, one roll of foil (1" x 200') and one roll
of foil (2" x 200') your
choice of color, machine light, automatic
roll feeder (2" x 9"), and multi-typeholder (2" x 9"). This gives you
a great start up package, for a great price. Optional equipment
available at additional price.

Suggested uses: Imprinting ribbons, PVC ID badges, photos,
wood, Mylar balloons, Bibles and many other paper, plastic and
leather items.

The practical foil printer for all small goods.
Foil stamps and blankstamps.
Stamps on leather, plastics, wood, vinyl, PVC ID cards, paper
and ribbons.
Sturdy construction and precision built.
Automatic heat control.
Tilt able foil printer typeholder.
Two working platforms.
Your choice of two colors, (1" x 200')(2" x 200')
Machine light.
Automatic Roll Feeder, (2" x 9")
Multi-typeholder, (2" x 9")

Typeholder: 5 3/4" or 9"
Top Platform: 12" x 12"
Lower Platform: 3 7/8"
Throat Depth: 9"
Machine Base: 12" wide x 16" deep
Height: 22"
Weight/Shipping Weight: 50 lbs./65 lbs. crated
Warranty: One Year
Product Code: FOIEK55SYS

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