Hologram Hot Stamping / Tipping Machine
Hologram Hot Stamping / Tipper Machine

Prints On:
Business Cards
Plastic Cards
Napkins, Greeting Cards, Pencils Books
Matchbooks Narrow & Award Ribbons
And Much More!

Easy to operate
Unique magnetic register table
One-half the price of comparable && machines
Heats in less than 3 minutes
Full one year limited warranty
Will print an image anywhere on 8-l/2"x 11 "paper
3" x 5" printing area and 1 /2" x 6" printing area
On/Off indicator light
Automatic heat control
Moveable printing table
Over 40 colors of foil available
Mfg. in USA with replacement parts available overnight

The EXCEL has the features of other machines costing much more money.  It is solidly built, precision machined and designed for years of service.

The type holder is easily removed for rapid typesetting.

EXCEL uses any standard "type high" metal type, including Ludlow, Linotype, and metal cuts.

The EXCEL comes complete with all attachments and includes a ribbon spool holder and a roll of foil.

EXCEL is the best registering system on the market. Adjustable magnetic blocks permit a fast, easy and precise means of set-up.

The EXCEL uses 100' or 200'  rolls of foil in widths from 1" to 3" on a 1/2," or a 1" core.  The Multiline type holder will hold any combina­tion of type lines from 6 pt. to 54 pt. and any combination of type and metal dies.   Dies are prepared inexpensively from your art work.

The following are a few of the more popular type styles.

  Thousands of standard dies are available through several catalogs.

Here are a few samples:

List Price: $3,200