Portable Magstripe Reader

512K - Reads all 3 Tracks

Compatible with Exeba-COMM Windows Software / cable included

Magnetic Stripe Read / Write Software

Magnetic Stripe Card:

TRACK 1 / IATA / 210 pbi / 79 Alphanumeric Characters
TRACK 2 / ABA / 75 bpi /40 Numeric Characters
TRACK 3 / Thrift / 210 bpi / 107 Numeric Characters

5-7 bit auto-detect Track 3

RS232 or USB Interface: RS232, Half-Duplex, 8N1, 19200 bps

Password: Yes - optional

Date and Time Stamp: Built-in time clock for stamping each transaction with the date and time

Memory Size for Storing Data:
Serial Electrically Erasable PROMs (EEPROM) 512K bytes
Memory Full Indicator

Power (AC/DC):
110/120 and 220/240 - all in one

No adaptor is required for USB interface

Battery Power:
Lithium Battery (duration 5000-10000 swipes)

3.15"L by 0.80"W by 1.00"H

1.6 oz.

Operating Temp: 0 ~ 55 Deg.C
Storage Temp: -10 ~ 55 Deg.C
Humidity: 10~90 % relative


Portable or Any surface

Trade Shows
Conference Attendance
Classroom Attendance
Meeting Attendance


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