Multi-Functional Ticket Issuer

MTI-1000 Series 
Automatic ticket feeding and cutting 
ISO tripple tracks reading and writing 
Inkjet printing capability 
Error card capturing function 
Multi-thickness (0.18 ~ 0.76mm) card use 
Ticket issuing speed : Less than 2.0sec/ticket 
Power supply : 5/24V DC

KDE's MTI-1000 series is specially designed for parking and ticket issuing systems reflecting all requirements from customers into one body systematically with multi-functional options. Furthermore, standalone type with case and power supply (MTI-2000) is also available to save your valued cost and time for application.


Other Available Options 
Contactless card reading and writing 
IC card reading and writing 
4 ways magnetic reading (central tracks) 
MSRW + Printer (without cutter) 
Multi-line inkjet printer
Machine Type Hopper Type Cassette Type
Dimensions(WxDxH) 150mm X 396mm X 106mm 216mm X 418.5mm X 188mm

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