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Smart Card

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Smart Card Product Section

Smart Card Readers /Writers

Smart Card Reader / Writer Software

Smart Card Readers /Writers
Ordering Information

Ordering Information
NXP JCOP21-36 Java Smart Card
NXP J2A040 Java Smart Card
NXP J2A080 Java Smart Card
NXP J3A040 Java Smart Card

SLE4442 Smart Memory Chip Card

CLXSA001KA1 - memory 1K bits

CLXSA002KA2 - memory 2K bits
CLXSA002MF0 - memory 2 Megabits
CLXSA004KA6 - memory 4K bits
CLXSA004MF1 - memory 4 Megabits
CLXSA008KA7 - memory 8K bits
CLXSA016KA8 - memory 16K bits
CLXSA032KA9 - memory 32K bits
CLXSA064KA3 - memory 64K bits
CLXSA128KA4 - memory 128K bits
CLXSA256KA5 - memory 256K bits

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